Unannounced Project – Senior 3D Animator


Full-Time + Remote

Hopoo Games has been working on passion projects since 2012 – including Risk of Rain, DEADBOLT, and most recently, Risk of Rain 2.


We are looking for a highly qualified individual who wants to help create 3D assets for a fun, stylish (unannounced) game! This role will include a variety of different opportunities, ranging from animating characters to creatures.

What You'll Do

  • Animate creatures & characters in a highly stylized game
  • Help set guidelines and best practices for other artists going forward
  • Able to troubleshoot and rectify asset implementation issues in Unreal Engine 5

What We Need

  • Outstanding communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Comfortable working on a small team, able to make key decisions without oversight
  • Comfortable with utilizing stylized animation techniques, i.e squash and stretch, strong posing, stepped frames
  • At least 3 years experience in the industry
  • At least 3 years experience using Blender
  • At least 3 years experience in Unreal Engine
  • At least 1 shipped title
  • Availability during core hours (9am-11am PST)

What We Prefer

  • Familiarity with Hopoo Games and our previous titles
  • A wide range of game development skills, i.e additional art disciplines or scripting
  • Thrive without management

What We Provide

Work + Life Balance

We are proud to provide an atypical 4-day, 32-hour work week – while still offering competitive industry wages. We have no expectation for you to work weekends or holidays, and we never crunch.  Hopoo Games is an inclusive and supportive company, and we expect all our employees to treat each other kindly.

Job Stability

After the success of Risk of Rain 2, we have a lot of financial runway, allowing us to support our employees for a long time – and gives us creative control as it comes to the games we make.

Pay Range & Benefits

$95,000 —$135,000 USD

The range is an estimate based on Washington state – things like location, experience, qualifications, and performance will affect the final offer. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Hopoo Games employees in the U.S. also receive:

  • 4 weeks of paid time off (PTO), accrued over the calendar year, prorated for new hires based on hiring date
  • 10 paid Hopoo Games-observed holidays annually
  • Benefits including health, dental, vision, short + long-term disability, 401K, etc

Working Remotely

All Hopoo Games Employees work remotely, and we intend to remain remote permanently. We only ask that you are available during core hours, 9am-11am PST. To support your remote work, we provide all needed home equipment, including a desk, PC, webcam, etc.

How to Apply

Attach both your Resume and Portfolio to an email – titled “Unannounced Project – Senior 3D Animator” – to jobs@hopoogames.com.


Additionally, we ask applicants to also attach two pieces of work that they feel is the most representative of their personal style. We are looking for work with strong lines, shape language, proportions, etc. Please make sure to do so, or your application won’t be seen!