Senior 3D Animator

Senior 3D Animator
Bellevue, WA or Remote
Company Description
Located in Bellevue, Hopoo Games has been working on passion projects since 2012 including Risk of Rain, DEADBOLT, and most recently Risk of Rain 2. We are looking for a Senior 3D Animator to work on upcoming Risk of Rain 2 content!

Note: While this job is currently remote because of COVID-19, the goal is to eventually resume all positions in an office in Bellevue. We prefer candidates who are in the area, or are willing to eventually relocate.

Job Description

Duties will include:

  • Creating armatures, rigging, and animating characters with a wide-range of armature styles. We have bipeds, quadrupeds, flyers, worms, and more!
  • Animating within a stylized action game. Impact, timing, and spacing are important.
  • Implementing animation assets into the game through Unity’s Mecanim
  • Able to troubleshoot and rectify asset implementation issues in Unity
Required Qualifications

Skillset and work habits:

  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Comfortable working on a small team and making your own decisions without oversight
  • Ability to organize and be responsible for your space on the team
  • Strong portfolio of animation work alongside a demo reel
  • Be comfortable creating art assets in an existing franchise and art style, while still bringing your own designs and expertise
  • Be comfortable using existing or legacy rigs to create new animations


  • At least five (5) years industry experience, with at least one (1) shipped game in an animation role
  • Experience with using Unity
  • Experience with using Blender for rigging and animating – both 2.7X and 2.9X experience is preferred!
  • Experience with using Git source-control
Preferred Qualifications

Skillset and work habits:

  • Near the Bellevue area, or are willing to relocate
  • Familiarity with Risk of Rain 2 and Hopoo Games!


  • Helped ship multiple 3D games in an animation art role
  • Experience with multiple art skill sets, i.e. 3D modeling, texturing, or 2D concepting
  • Experience with multiple game development mediums, i.e coding or design
  • Experience with working on a small or remote team
How to Apply
To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to with the subject line “Senior 3D Animator”. Include a link to your portfolio as the first line.
Note that we may request an art test as part of the evaluation process for the position.
Additional Information
Hopoo Games is located in Bellevue, WA, but for the moment all work is done remote because of COVID-19.
Hopoo Games has an atypical 4-day 32 hour work week. We never crunch.
Hopoo Games is an inclusive and supportive company, and we expect all our employees to treat each other kindly.